Online Video and YouTube Videos

Statistics prove the #2 search engine - second to Google - is YouTube. Your video is more likely to be searched for on YouTube that any other medium.  Because 60% of internet users are on mobile devices, your video needs to be optimized for web search and playback.

At Playback, you will get a DVD of your project, but you will also get optimized files for YouTube and placement on your website. 

There is no extra charge for the web-ready files for your email campaign, placement on your site, or upload to your YouTube Channel.

Optimized Video Service

If you desire to have your film or video optimized for search, we can do that for you! Playback's team will do keyword research on search trends and related searches to properly tag and add meta-data to your video to make it easier to be found.

We also add a transcript of the audio to the video description and tag, which allows Google and YouTube to crawl and rank your video!

You have a story and it deserves to be found. Optimized videos are 65% more likely to be found than those with merely a 'Title'. That means more students, more donor dollars, more customer visibility and more ROI.

Our Optimized Video Service starts at $399.