Playback Purpose

We began Playback Videography to help capture and communicate a vision, a story, or even a special moment through film. 

Life's journey takes many forms and places us on many platforms.  Whether it's your business mission, your student athlete's skill, or the impact of your school on the community, there is a story to be shared!

3 Phases: Relate | Differentiate | Create


What is it that you want to share with your audience?  What best expresses your business, your program, your character?  How would you articulate these characteristics and whom are you targeting?  At Playback, we join you in evaluating how to communicate what your audience values most.



What sets you and your message apart?  What is the core of what you do or who you are, and how is that different from the next person or program or business?



This is the fun part!  Once the framework is established, we take advantage of the video medium with creative thinking around a clear message.  Together with you, the production process becomes a very unique expression of your message to your audience.